Callie Dee is arguably one of the most influential females in North Texas. Not only is she a full time mother, she has her hand in multiple booming business ventures.  She is a self made woman who has put a stake in the ground and isn’t easily moved. She holds her head up high and walks along side the men in this male dominated world, never behind.  She has never had anything handed to her on a silver platter, but quite the opposite. Her life has been through, “the pits of hell to super amazing” and she attributes her tenacity and drive to the tough times in her life that she has overcome.
She uses her story to help others heal and to bring the community together in so many ways. Between giving so many local talented artists of all genres a platform to be heard to throwing incredible fashion shows that give 100% of the money raised to charity, Callie does it all. She is the first there and the last to leave and there is no job too small for her to do. She is building a team around her that reflects her own standards and will continue to create, unite and promote.  As a Fort Worth native, she holds Texas very close to her heart.  She is a major advocate for the equality for women in the scene; as she has had first handexperience dealing with being a woman in a male dominated arena and knows how hard it can be to make your mark.  
Her drive and demeanor is a force to be reckoned and is matched only by her ability to balance keeping her cool and speaking her mind. She won’t stop! She will continue to create, produce, promote, give back and unite until she takes her last breath.